Word Cloud

This visualization displays a word cloud for the different fields within the CSGenome computer processor data. The goal of this word cloud is to showcase trends in codename and manufacturer utilizations, by displaying each word directly relative to its frequency in the dataset. The bigger a word is, the more frequently it is used across processors. Viewing the data in this format also simplifies it and makes it easier to understand, while highlighting some of the most popularly used codenames and manufacturers. Computer processors are an integral part of the machines we all use. By showcasing attributes for the top 500 processors of the world, we hope to further the understanding of these processors. It is worth noting that trends in codename utilizations positively correlate with trends in processor manufacturers.

To get a brief overview of an attribute term, hover over it. To get more information on a term, click on it. Clicking on a term for the processor genera word cloud will take you to a filtered search of the CSGenome processor pages. Clicking on a term for the manufacturers word cloud takes you to its corresponding card on the manufacturers explore page. Clicking on the highlighted card for each manufacturer takes you to a filtered search for its corresponding processors. Hovering over a term enlarges it to put focus on it.

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